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October 2009

The People to Use

Well over 30 years of trading and still going strong.

Speedibrews was founded in 1978 to serve the specialist.

Our expertise lies in Consultancy and Specialised Photographic Chemicals.


Consult Michael Maunder for friendly and helpful common sense advice.


All our Photographic Processing Kits use simplified, consistent chemistry, based on solid powders, suitable for all amateurs.

We do not sell water

Which means that all the Speedibrews kits have always complied with common sense and the latest Packaging and Recycling Regulations. There are also no fancy boxes, which means that Speedibrews does not clog-up the environment. Kits are supplied with labelling complying with the best available Safety Data and common sense advice for handling and disposal.

Speedibrews' Mottos

  • Your fast developing specialists
  • We don't sell water nor useless packaging
  • Speedibrews does not clog-up the Environment
  • Common Sense advice
  • If it's legal we'll try to supply


8 Victoria House
The Arsenal
Channel Islands
Tel: +44 (0) 11481 823319

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