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October 2009

Photographic Chemicals

Speedibrews kits are available from our retail outlet. Please enquire at Silverprint for their prices, pp &c.

Totally New Toners and Conventional Toners
Useful Mixtures
Monochrome Negative and Print Developers
Colour Developers
Other Kits and Specials
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The instructions are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be read using Adobe Reader available here:
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New Toners
Completely new toners which "just bleach then tone". Stable powders which guarantee indefinite shelf life until mixed, which is by the Speedibrews style of "Just add water". Split toning and other effects are described in detail in the comprehensive instructions. 4 to 20 A4 prints per litre.

Porcelain BlueA totally new and true blue.1 Litre5 Litre
Prussian BlueReplaces single solution blue toners.1 Litre5 Litre
CyanBridges the blue/green gap1 Litre5 Litre
EvergreenA simple-to-use and stable green.1 Litre5 Litre
ChestnutA safer 'sepia' chemistry  
SiennaA new brown hue in the artist's armoury  

Conventional Toners
A tone 4 to 20 A4 prints per litre. Two also use the familiar "Just bleach then tone" technology.

SpeedisepiaA traditional, odourless, sepia toner.  
Yellow TonerA sepia variation for more 'Golden' hues.1 Litre5 Litre
Two extremely popular 'single solution' toners.
Blue TonerA conventional "Prussian Blue" toner.1 Litre5 Litre
Copper TonerMuch safer than selenium toning.1 Litre5 Litre

Useful Mixtures

FarmersThe classic print and negative reducer in a convenient "One-Shot" Pack4x 50ml
SpeedicleanerMore effective than Farmers, for true base-whiteness, or as a dish cleaner.500ml
Liquid LighteningA liquid designed for complete reduction to base. Clean up those borders!50ml
SpeedintenseThe simplest process for grossly underexposed negatives. Keeps well.500ml
Chrome IntenseThe classic chromium intensifier in a powder pack. Needs redevelopment.250ml
Celer FixerThe safest fixer for paper toning. Dilute 1+1.22 litre

Monochrome Negative Developers

Celer Mono A new concept - develop in this brew and digitally scan to get the best out of each technology600ml
Celer Stellar High acutance, full tones and speed increase by 2 or more stops in 4 min for most films. 4 - 8 films per 500ml. 500ml
Resofine Ron Spillman's twin bath developer for consistency and economy. 1 litre
Speedibrew 422 For ultimate speed, up to 3 stops with most films. 4 - 8 films per 500ml. 
Celer-41 Room temperature C41 "Chromogenic" films kit. At least 8 films per kit. 600ml
Celer Reverser Quick black and white slides from a range of films. Up to 6 films per complete kit. 600ml
Speedilitho A stable, re-usable, single solution lith developer. Capacity depends on usage. 1 litre
Pyro Developer From Silverprint  

Monochrome Print Developers

Litho Print"Lith" colour effects. Reliable timings, no 'snatching'. Dilute at least 1+91 litre
D-163Returned by popular demand. A clean, long-lived print developer. Dilute 1+32.5 litres
5 litres

Colour Developers

Celer-41A very rapid C41 process at room temperature. Up to 8 films600ml
RA4A powder RA4 compatible chemistry5 litres
Speedi-41For ultimate film speed, grain effects or "Cross-Processing". Expect up to 5 stops speed increasingFull Kit 500ml

Raw Chemicals if it's legal, we'll quote

Other Kits and Specials enquire, all per quotation

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Order Information

We are no longer mail order. Our UK recommended Over-the-Counter outlet also supplies digital supplies and other photographic essentials.
Silverprint 12 Valentine Place, London SE1 8QH,
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7620 0844

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